Why are your services better than the services offered at hand car washes?

Our services are focused on quality, not high production work. We provide specialized and personalized automotive detailing services that are completely customized to your needs. Our services are offered by appointment only, so that your vehicle receives individual attention, ensuring the best work possible is performed. We only use professional quality products that provide exceptional results and durability.

Hand car washes can wax my vehicle for a much lower price. Can you explain why your prices are so high?

Hand car washes typically use a spray wax that can be applied and removed very quickly so they can move on to the next vehicle. These products are of inferior quality and will usually wear off within a few weeks, they do not provide any durability. The clay bar treatment is not included with their service, therefore they are applying the wax without properly preparing the surface.

When we wax your vehicle, the paint is completely decontaminated with the clay bar treatment, followed by the application of a high quality wax that will protect the paint for several months.

What is a clay bar?

Clay bars are used in automotive detailing to prepare the paint for waxing. They are made from a special fine grade of clay and are rubbed on the vehicle to safely remove contamination that has bonded to the paint restoring a smooth and perfectly clean surface.

In the picture below, you can see all of the contamination the clay bar has removed.


What is the difference between waxing and polishing?

Polishing will remove scratches and other imperfections in the paint. Waxing provides a layer of protection against damaging environmental conditions preventing the paint from discoloring and fading.

How often should I have my vehicle waxed?

We recommend waxing your vehicle 2 times per year.

My vehicle is new. Is it necessary to have it waxed?

Absolutely. Waxing the vehicle while it is new will protect your investment early on and ensure it retains a higher value over time.

Do you offer mobile services?

We only offer mobile services for headlight reconditioning.